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Final Report of the UK SFRE 2008-2010

The UK SFRE 2008-2010 report was launched in England on July the 7th at the RSA in London. Subsequent events will be organised in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Full text of research briefing (PDF)

Full text of the report (PDF)

The report section by section (PDF files) 

Towards a UK Education Research Information Service (demonstrator presentation and demonstrator database)


About SFRE 

SFRE explores how countries in the UK can improve the creation, mediation and application of evidence about education. To do this, it developed a model of knowledge mobilisation in education, drawing on the discussions in three major Forum events and on the understanding of national ‘knowledge management systems’ which was generated by OECD CERI.  The ‘key questions’ in the left menu represent the SFRE agenda and have been progressively addressed as each Forum occured.  The website is thus intended as a growing and cumulative resource as well as a record of SFRE deliberations.

The SFRE aims:

  • In the light of international good practice, to maintain an overview of the UK system and national sub-systems for the production of new knowledge in education and for its transformation, dissemination and use as a whole.
  • To facilitate networking for the exchange of information and the sharing of good practice concerning the organisation, production and use of educational research within the UK.
  • To make recommendations for processes and infrastructure needed to address the long-term sustainability, development and improvement of educational research within the UK, including the identification of research priorities and of particular initiatives and investments to address such concerns.

The initiative is being led by the British Educational Research Association (BERA) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) with funding being provided by BERA, ESRC, DCSF and CfBT. The SFRE embraces all areas of the UK, both in its planning and execution with participation and representation from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

SFRE is chaired by Andrew Pollard from Institute of Education, University of London and the researcher is Alis Oancea from the University of Oxford. SFRE is steered by a Planning Group including representatives from government and research organisations in each of the four UK countries.

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